Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Behind the political shenanigans

Behind the CIA’s Failed Coup in Turkey: Was It Only a Dry Run?

Whatever anyone else MIGHT have intended or done - I can be certain of what I use the event for. Not in terms of defining a narrative for anyone else - for that is their freedom - but to recognize and use what is meaningful and relevant to me for my purposes.

A volatility of shifting 'alliances' masking assets in power struggle that operates at expense of whatever Human Life might unfold to become should it be given nurture and succour to so become. Power struggle that stretches back into conditionings that are deeper than our history can recollect - but re-enacted over and over and over without any real 'evolution' of the core separation trauma that the power struggle embody in a kind of insane or negatively reinforcing pattern.

My willingness for embracing Life on Earth is toward the recognition of a call to evolve beyond hate-fuelled vengeance - and that means feeling what we feel without giving it a blank cheque to operate hatred in our name. Means and ends are one - and where we are 'coming from' is 'where we find ourselves arriving'. Using the outer reflections to discern the inner conditionings allows consciously connected choices to replace ancient hatreds made in the dark, Running in the dark and keeping everyone in the dark.

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