Saturday, 22 February 2014

Rule by deception : playing all sides of every conflict

I suggest this perception  (see bottom of post or  Here) serves as an awakening mirror to the current structure of human consciousness. It 'rules' by deceit.
It would be surprising indeed if our world did NOT reflect our consciousness - for any experience of it is a direct result of the mutual definitions that are in effect filters and template to the Primary or Source current of Communication.

The conflict between the original and the usurping possessor is not a communication - because the original is indivisible and beyond 'sides'.

Within the framework of 'sides', self interest plays out along the line of its own creation - that is along the line of its self definitions in relationship.

Within the identification of an investment, the persona suffers and exults with every rise and fall; mesmerised within its own reflection.

So yes - arguing definitions is simply a disruption device - an expression of an unwillingness to truly communicate, truly relate or actually meet. Only equals can meet, communicate or truly relate - regardless of the forms of their appearance.

But coded or psuedo communication occurs within its various levels from dealing in actual violence of physical, or psycho-emotional intent, to bargaining and transactions, to the growing and valuing of trust.

Consciousness can focus wherever your desire is and where it is focussing reveals your actual desire - regardless of the spin doctors of self justified stories.

The idea that the world is wrong arises from not listening deeply and truly. Likewise the idea our brother or sister is wrong. The deception that puts 'wrong' out there is the mechanism your post identifies. By setting up and scripting the focus of 'wrongness' or guilt to fall on the ones who do not serve or who obstruct your purpose is to let other people do your work and fight your wars. But this the self-elect do not know; that the guilt they have outsourced to their world and their unrecognized brother and sister - comes home to them in their 'victory'. Because it never really left their mind, and depended on hating and invalidating the 'enemy' to remain hidden.

Service in its true sense is not servile, but enlightened self interest. Not a bargain or insurance for the future - but the way of abiding in the current true value of an intimate appreciation of Life shared. Your world and your brother and sister are the opportunity to share and thus know what you are. Without them are you lost. Yet you cannot be without the tangibility and relational feedback to your existence - though you can define them such as not to recognize your self in them.

I write from beneath the virtual self and its world - but of course operate as an instrument within it and use its terms.
The idea of recognizing one's foundation is false and that all which comes forth from it is likewise deceiving is the opening of the willingness to seek true foundation. This is what unsubscribes energy and investment from a sham and releases it to a reintegrating relation within a wholeness. There is nothing new in such an idea or such process. It is a transformative shift of consciousness that one yields to rather than controls - yet insofar as the private sense of control is meaningful, it is brought into the new purpose - which comes not from past conditioning but out of a current living sense of worth and appreciation - extended.

Attacking the enemy is the reinforcement of the very mentality that one is supposed to be denying, and that is an example of how the deceiver plays all sides of every conflict. This does not mean forcefulness of expression is not an appropriate vocabulary. But the motivating force springs forth as an expression of one's being and not as baited reaction.

Without an energetic or experiential sense of the meanings here - they are just more war - because a conflicted mentality ONLY sees war - and thus believes war is expressing love of self and embraces death as its salvation.

Spiritual death is simply disconnection from Source. This belief is the false foundation; the father of the lie from which all deception must arise and likewise divide all things from their true Nature. It is a chosen mentality and not original to your Creation; a timelessness forgot amidst distraction.

The idea is that beneath the mental coverings and their reinforcing experience, is the natural movement of you, innocent as ever, but denied within the framework of the mind of confusion. To recognize confusion as confusion is to have the basis to pause and put it down. This allows the tangible presence of life to move you as your own intimate joy.
The forms arise appropriate to our true desire. This 'guidance and support' operates within  the world we know as intuition, gut instinct, timely wisdom for thought word or deed, insight and understanding that releases the sense of being hostage or victim to circumstance. But the only way to have it is in the willingness to trust it - and although one can and some do confuse themselves with its power and think they have the gift, it is only given in service of a greater reintegration of consciousness - and the segregating mentality will find the denial it gifts its world. Until it is put aside for a gift worthy of sharing. Honesty being foundational - for all else carries hidden agenda.

In response to the point raised within this post:
Feb 11, 2014 Corporatocracy: How the Corporate Welfare State Divides and Conquers
A small, readily-identifiable ruling oligarchy that no serious political observer denies the existence of is able to keep the public from attacking it by dividing them along ideological grounds so that the public spends all their time arguing over definitions and splitting doctrinal hairs instead of attacking the commonly acknowledged enemy. You couldn't ask for a more perfect system of control.

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