Monday, 17 February 2014

Disconnected thinking, loss of perspective, false self interest

(This is written in response to the following - which itself replied to *5 in the previous post, in which suicide is mentioned as an example that does not fit with the comment "No one hates his own flesh") :
Life the Journey: Philippines 2:4. Let each of you look not only to his own interest, but also to the interest of others.
Unfortunately, people today view "loving others" and "loving self" as a zero sum game. They win then I lose.
Human society is built on a balance of personnel interest. People are so used to seeing everyone serving his own ends that no other kind of conduct is expected. One thing is certain, we cannot turn back the clock to quieter times, neither can we hide from the persistent noise of this time. We must learn to live in such a world as this and be victorious over it. The truth is in nature, this being the wisdom of God incarnate.
May your daughter and your neighbor's son be in that happy home of saints and angels.

It is all a matter of perspective. The sense "my" life and "my" daughter is a shortcut term for a rich relationship - that then gets traded as if it was itself real - (disconnected from its living context) and then asserted/defended as a seemingly separate polarity within a greater wholeness. When we think to take (or assert) the "my" as an exclusive independence then we have stepped out of a wholeness perspective into a "defence (and attack) mechanism - that knows not love excepting what serves "my" interest. Appreciate the gifts of your life and uncover the deeper gift in the shock of such exposures of self knowledge, one step at a time as willingness allows. For of course they at first feel like violations.

Traditionally the 'selfishness' that cuts off from a living inheritance and which 'goes it alone' in a drunken and misguided sense of its own power, has been moralized against - such as to induce social controls in place of living communication. Fearful rules and hateful scapegoats set up a society in which personal control (power over) is worshipped (given allegiance) over trust and communication (love honouring).

Such personal control is the very thing that sets off and maintains the loss of clarity and relational wholeness - and so we have set up a self-replicating system of fear and hate, that works to deplete us of our living inheritance and our commonwealth - and which works under the name of love and freedom and fairness and so forth - but only up to a point  - and only when it serves such defensive self interest to do so. True order operates within life and not coercively upon it. Action and reaction is contagious to an ungrounded consciousness, but the tangible harmony of inspired alignment holds a unity freely shared, and truly attractive as a self interest that is at once the movement of a wholeness.

So in a sense, on the level of a divisive self interest, the devil rules the world - as a deception within our minds that we buy into and believe gives us power and freedom - or is the promise of regaining such. It plays all sides of every conflict and will make a 'side' of any rising communication or movement. That is it's 'fuel'; our investment in

Within such a mentality as - has you say - become normalised conditioning - the teaching of a common interest works to limit the 'freedom' to blindly disregard all that lives in a deluded selfishness, and so 'do as you would yourself be done by' is a Golden Rule that transcends any one cultural path or teaching. This reflects a greater perspective of which the disconnecting mentality is unaware of. For as you do, confirms you in the belief that gives rise to your action and this sets the value of your self in experience. It is literally like a control lever where you can let light in or shut it out. If you give (express yourself) in a clear honesty - then that is the value and measure of your receiving - and can grow in self-awareness.

Though the thinking of the world tacitly conspires to block, subvert or distract from any such 'interference' from reality, to its self-asserted version of reality, it is more desperately clinging to a disintegrating structure of control. So as the original fears and hates that programmed or conditioned our attempts at control by our own power, rise again in our awareness despite our ingenuity or determined unconsciousness, so does it the 'noise' (as you put it) increase.

The fearful deception that 'works' as subtler suggestion does not work as forceful assertion and obvious coercion excepting in a very short term - as terror. But within the original darkness - so to speak - is also a capacity to question ALL of it - and to choose NOT to invest in hate and evil as foundations of self.

Whilst there is a global shift going on - all of us are in one way or another - within a process of either segregating from life or reintegrating ourselves. It's a moment by moment context of which most are unaware as their primary self-loving responsibility to themselves - and which aligns them with Source and with 'brother' - with the living sharing reflections and communication that is our life in experience, no less than what we have tended to fence off as 'mine'. This is a totally different perspective that is entirely natural to an uncoercive consciousness.

What then works to exchange a participation in the Living for a lead role in a cage but our thoughts? - and beneath these the self definitions that we 'believe' by acting as if they are true. And so our thought creates personal density and polarised perception in which we can become so conflicted and worthless and failed in our deeply held wish that life be as 'my' will determines it, that we would rather 'die' than submit to humiliation and loss of 'freedom'. This is in a sense repeating the original choice to give all allegiance to the idea of self-will and actively deny a Universal Will in which our true will extends joy, tangible value, creative imagination, passionate embrace of life in its movement within us.

In the attempt to coerce others instead of owning and healing the coercive intent in one's own mind, the idea of guilt and pain as a god was woven into the story of our Source Nature and Condition. far from bringing the apparently immoral back into the 'fold' it instils terror at the very threshold of perfect Innocence. And so the fear of love is beneath all other fears. yet there IS no fear in love - and the world's idea of love is fearful - that is a fearfully distorted crumb that becomes a prison food - and thus a currency of exchange and leverage within the prison mentality.

There is nothing I can do to make another's choice, but in making my own, I can know that this choice is available to others and can at least not seek to confirm them in their choosing against their joy.
As far as I am concerned, Everyone comes Home - but as a waking up from knowing NOT what they do - to being restored to true sight. No one can maintain self-hatred in the light of love - and without the density of the body, the mental is revealed as a picturing that can be reinterpreted.
So thankyou for your blessing, I feel that when we are in a blessing mode, we are releasing others and ourselves, from a past made in judgement, confusion and fear.

Quietness is what can see the noise as noise. What we resist, persists! What we appreciate, appreciates! Peace is the most encompassing embrace of the dynamic vibrancy of life and not a mausoleum. Disinfo rises from the attempt to hide and be hidden from. The choices we make tune us into the realities we experience - all of which are passing. And yet an aligned choosing welcomes the recognition of our existence reflected in transparency, that Is, Knowing One in All and All in One - thus giving and receiving freely in an ever new act of extending Creation. I don't sketch this crude pointer as a future, but as our true presence. One can only re-integrate with what one has first disassociated.

The difficulty in communicating in the mind that does not know or has 'forgotten' its own act, is that it has you defending it's definitions and thoughts as if they were You. An open mind is able to pause of what it thinks it knows and listen or feel more deeply. Here, the 'still small voice' of a stirring recognition. And here also the 'temptations' that re-frame and subvert the natural being back into terms of guilts and disconnected derivatives!

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