Sunday, 7 October 2012

Is there a savant inside all of us?

An article in the Telegraph in which the brain is revealed to have vastly more capacity or ability than in most of us is apparent.

Start out with God - or if you prefer, with Unlimited and Indivisible Mind.
Then imagine and invest in limiting and divisive or self conflicting thought - which cannot actually divide the Indivisible, but can serve as a lens and provide an overlay of experience in which to explore the experience itself and become defined and identified within it as a self-existing entity.
Everything in one's experience reflects faithfully the program of thought and desire that is essentially running in the background - while on the surface the 'user' mentality believes it is this self existing self and that all else is its dominion - to prevail over in judgement if not in act (though it may seek such control as it can get it!).

This may be asking too much of the reader to consider, but like the comment after this one, I am suggesting that our thinking - at least at the level of definitions, beliefs, identifications and judgements is a distorting filter of limitation.

We are (generally) addicted to our thinking and to the experience it engenders as our very (and only) life - as we are to the desire to be special and to use power over the 'other' or indeed over the whole, in  attempt to make our thinking (self) real.

The actual power of Mind (capitalized to indicate Universal and all pervading), is terrifying to the 'little mind' - and is effectively denied awareness by a complex of denial, dissociation and distraction that serves to protect it while it plays in limitation. But this 'ego' structure is not fact but action - not unlike an unimaginably powerful supercomputer fully active in presenting you with a virtual existence - within your own Being - that becomes unaware of anything beyond its own program - a program that feeds back on itself as a loop - such that the past re enacts itself over and over again.

The desire and defence that maintains continuity of experience of self can be interrupted or shocked such as to reveal anomalies of all kinds and on all levels. Usually there is a tidy away function that sweeps these out of sight asap or denigrates them as - 'must have imagined it' and etc - but many leaks occur in which more of the totality of what you Are - is revealed.

Some aspects of this are apparently random, as in accidents that leave someone with a changed ability that may not have much apparent consequence beyond not being able to account for it.

Other aspects are of a communication or communion of the mind / Mind. These are not always so visible in external terms but are key to a true functionality of life whether we become Self-Aware or not.

The faculty of discernment is lost amidst the insistence that it serve a personal power of advantage and yet it is a direct 'link' with Mind as the sense of the wholeness and root nature of all things. As such it is also one with inspiration and true answer because there is no inspiration or answer in programmed thinking - no matter how well it is presented.

I write this as a sketch for consideration. That our self definitions are in fact limitation and our world definitions are not different from that.

If one only seeks answer for the beliefs and conditionings of the 'organic' sense of self as separate entity - and substitutes meat-brain for mind then death is the starting point and not life - whatever powers may be added to its fleeting span!

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