Thursday, 28 July 2011

On the insanity of the guman in Norway

I would see Insanity as a dissociated mentality, a delusional mind - in which a sense of self is acted out or presented to itself that both feeds its own delusion - in terms of the wish to become meaningful or powerful - and acts out from its thoughts as if they were real.

I would generally see this mentality as a pervasive liability to us all - of which we are generally unaware - whilst playing out the role that it gives us. We may see some of its activity - but the uncovering of our mind to our awareness is generally highly resisted, defended against, taboo.

One of the ways that deception 'works', is in projecting the hateful - feared in our own mind - onto others. This sets up a survival investment in identifying with an externalised demand for fixing or overcoming the hateful - that now seems really 'out there' in personal as well as experiential terms - and denies opportunity for true healing.

Many in the world use deception as a manipulative device all the time - but in the belief that they themselves are one up in the game - or hope to become so. The desire to become special or 'win' the game of life is a deep set urge or wish regardless of the arena or scale in which it acts out.

If the very fabric of trust upon which any residual sanity remains - continues to be eroded by the increasingly fearful attempts to manipulate others and our own perceptions - as if that were somehow controlling reality - then the seeming pockets of a capacity to manage will become increasing besieged by breakdown and disorder.

To those committed to resolving externally, this is felt as a rising call to arms or to ever more fearful defence - at cost of our innate capacity to establish trust as the basis of communication.
BUT many are feeling a call to look within, to re evaluate the foundations of their thinking and uncover a true basis for sanity or integrity and trust in their own experience and in their relationships. This is a grass roots awakening.

Of course we deal with what arises to be dealt with, but unless there is a measure of a true sanity in place of a self-fulfilling and dissociated wilfulness of self - our actions will feed the fires that burn us, instead of growing in the wisdom to discern the best step as it needs to be taken.

To love to hate, as if that is love, and to hate to love as if love were weakness, heresy, or an outright assault on the very underpinnings of one's 'sanity' is the mark of enslavement to fear - where one's thoughts operate a tyranny so dense that hardly anything of love's reality can find welcome.

In the buildup of electrical charge, the path that is taken by lightning is simply that of the available circuit. As the charge of fear and hate is grown and fed - there are innumerable circuits available in many aspects of our living. It is a mistake to think one can eradicate evil by war - though lawlessness needs to meet a communication of limitation and restraint. And the managed war of modern social manipulations and controls is no less war for being conducted at a subtler level than brute force.

We all share in making our experience of our world - but not blame. Blame is the sickness of guilt and cannot serve true responsibility - which is an awakened love and not a coercive will upon our evil liabilities.

Such events speak to me as a deep and clear call for uncovering and sharing a greater Sanity - a unified and wholehearted witness to life in place of a self conflicted delusion. The desire for this is itself a creative act that replaces the desire for playing out the game of self interest at the expense of our true commonwealth.

Thank you for your attention

In Peace


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