Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sold down the river?

The mind in us by which we are deceived is being revealed. But the mode of blame is itself a personal indulgence and not a true release of the deceptive mind.
Here is an opportunity to reawaken to the true nature of what it is to be alive, to rediscover a selfless love that shares out of a greater life than our own wishful but deluded self-imaginings.
To a bubble identified self - or nation - the cut or adjustment is painful, humiliating and renders impotent. But the Intelligence of your being is still with you and is the Resource that offers step by step guidance as to a true accounting. What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his Soul who then finds but deception?
One cannot live on pretty ideas - but to personally insist on finding a true ground from which to live is of the utmost relevance whatever the external circumstance. At a time of harvest, the worthless chaff is discarded and the true fruits are separated out. Clever thinking promises self aggrandizement and a very few seem to pull it off and keep the 'dream' alive. But real economy or reckoning must express real values and not deal in mere thought based derivatives.
Whatever it takes to wake up is simply whatever it takes to break the spell of a fearful tyranny and release us into living this day well - and willingly - as the life in us is moves. In the fall of man is also his Remembering.
"I cant do it!" can seem the ultimate defeat, but the same words can shift to illuminate that there is no point to even begin to attempt what can never work - and become the realization: "Of myself I can do nothing".
The perspective I attempt to offer in here is not more thinking - and is not instead of acting wisely as your best sense guides. But the compartmented mind disallows a unified intelligence even though at root, Life is Unified Intelligence.

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