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Perspectives on health

Perspectives on health - comments to Guardian online

A comment offered into the comment section of this page entitled '

Homeopathy doesn't work. But are the claims for other medicines any better?'

The article relates to a campaign against homeopathy, and a broader take on the whole pharmaceutical industry.

I have found it interesting to read some of this thread.
I see apparently conflicted perspectives many of which 'need' each other or have value only in reaction to the other.
I see ill health as being of a similar conflicted nature and many current efforts to 'cure' (or these days 'manage symptoms'), are interventions of force applied to specifically identified cause and effect aspects of the living system as they are currently believed to work from the view of analysis and study of mechanical relationships.
I am more attracted to focus on health than on sickness - particularly as a participant in a living relationship. I invite looking at the context within which we are operating. Why? Because to seek externally for answers to a conflict that is ultimately within us - is delusional.
I do feel we need stepping stones in the process of releasing a mentality of control, usurpation and denial - that is evident as the egocentricity of human arrogance expressed as independent will. For where our faith is given - so must we believe.
There are those who wish to manually control life - and seeming for a while to succeed, but only create more problems. Thus there are also those who are recognising a need to co-operate with life. And there are some who come to recognise life as unified being whose shared power is accessed by the act of extending intimate trust.
The effect of fear is fragmented - and loveless perception. But no matter how many engage it and act it out on each other, our bodies or on our planet - the underlying or innate unified unconflicted nature of life at its source remains accessible via trust. There's no ego in this, no market, no self gain to be gotten, no interest from those who are intent on life as they define it to be either. But there is an awakening as if from a mad dream. And life - while not really definable - is known and shared in joy, peace and love in all its nuance of expression. The devil is the reflection of our shadow self. To fight it is to feed it.
Anything that serves to enlighten our heart and mind helps dispel ignorance - but nothing is so ignorant as human thought worshipped as truth.
Comment to me:

Does that mean we can ignore the the rest of that incomprehensible post?

My further posting:

It would seem that in your case it does.

      But consider the admittedly absurd principle that a self can attack itself - this is already true of many medical conditions as well as many 'cures' that cause harm.

      Amongst other things, I am suggesting that the sense of 'self' that is generally acted out from - is of a false and ignorant nature that is pervasively undermining of the health of the body, our relationships and society, our environment and world - and our joy in life.

      Now that last one to agree with that will be anyone committed to identifying and acting such a self. But not everyone reading here is locked into believing that they - or reality - is as they think it is.

      As for trials of homepathy - I don't see how it can be done - any more than non violence could be lab-tested as a strategy in a conflict. It isn't the application of an external - but the activation of a process. If there is a measurable potency to homeopathic medicine then I am not aware of anything that can measure it yet - excepting a resonant patient.
      Homepathy is one approach among many that is seeking to work with the Life force - by whatever name - towards restoring health. Mental obsessives may not feel the life force because their sense of judgement and control is more important to them. But they still live by it, in it and are expressions of it.

      Human thought? - yes ok, point taken. Wisdom can express through human thought but I see it as a process of discernment - so that it is of the nature of a present gift rather than a process of computation based on interpretations of past data. 

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