Friday, 19 February 2021

China as the Model for the New Normal


The Chinese influence in the setting of the narrative by media blitz and draconian reaction, does not need a real 'new virus' - (though I accept that lab based genomic splicing and definitions operate a parallel universe to life in the 'wild), but the amplification of a cluster of disease - to a treatment regime that draws any and even no symptoms to interventions that are both fear-theatrical and mistreatment.

If I wasn't aware of the context I might have given benefit of doubt to regional deep social unrest in Wuhan, not least against appalling pollutions that provide ample causation for lung disease - with 'viral' expression. China operates by dictate, such that technocracy is already in place as surveillance and control of the people.

The take up by Italy of similar reaction to a cluster in a similarly polluted area with a lot of very old people - who were also dependent of migrant workers who fled etc etc, was the next domino.

That stakeholders operate within a global financial system is obvious. Exactly who pulls the strings is less so, but the financial system itself is both rigged and corrupt. But as with its corporate extensions can run PR at such a level as to protect its narratives and capture or override regulatory checks and balances to such deep systemic corruption.

Insiders have their own existential fear in the collapse of order and will obviously operate as frenemies with regard to alliances and competition or turf wars, but the underlying division is the people and those who set the rules and systems of support and direction for the social and economic and cultural organisation of human life. Within which is a consolidation of wealth and control that operates monopoly under guise of many faces and fronts - regardless that some of these are seemingly involved in limited competitions or contrasts.

Insiders have the resource and intention to predict and plan, as well as direct and determine the unfolding of events and or the narratives for their unfolding. That narratives are inserted and cultivated to herd the social mind while setting guidances that mission creep to regulatory dictate operates out in the open, as the targeting and manipulation of underlying fear, hate and guilt, along with symbolic representations for Life used to mask in association with, as social virtue.

The narrative control is no less evident in the field of medical health - which is pathologically framed from the outset. There is the signature of the lie and the father of it.

There is some merit in seeing our mind as an operating system, and determining not to run definitions or narrative self-contradictions such as (pathological) 'health-care' as meaning anything. This is a rational version of the metaphor for sweeping out the Temple, because the most fundamental judgement or discernment of truth is in the heart of felt and recognised meaning, coherence, congruity and integrity or health. In this metaphor humans have allowed their thought and mind be hacked and run as a bot-net by self-illusion that attracts further reinforcements of deceit.

Birds of a feather, flock together.

But aligning in integrity opens the way to see from a wholeness of being to that of the masked presentation of others, and this is a channel of communication running directly as demonstration of acknowledgement of life, rather than the interactive intersect of different 'coded' identities within an object model. Our 'relational field' - as distinct from the masking over of presentations of control or subjection.


Choose not to be (or follow) 'most people'.

Narrative capture or control is a fundamental element in what is occurring in our face.

The definitions you accepts and run as currency will determine your emotional response or behaviours.

It is not that we set terms and conditions on Life, so much as recognising we are already doing so in all kinds of social patterns of reinforcing behaviours.

So to become aware of the 'mind' that is running almost as a subconscious automatic reflex, is the expansion of awareness from a locked down attention set in conflict.

The meanings you give your perceptions are part OF the focus you are having the experience of.

Recognising and accepting responsibility for what is your sphere of choice in any situation, serves the release of what is not. Generally we have it backwards, and take on a lack of self in order to fit the demand to change what is not ours to change.

If the problem has replaced you with a set of reactions, where is your living now?

We set our life in the image and forms of locked in meanings, and suffer and die in them as 'Fact'. Science is also the capacity to recognise an incongruence of meaning as a basis for the prompt to ask a real question and follow in willingness to allow the unfolding of answer.

Herd immunity can be also assigned to 'safety in numbers' - set against predators.

There are times such as this where a quantitative strategy can be disrupted and herded to a mass predation - ie being herded off a cliff or into a place of no escape.

On a human level, this is being done with thought, intention and narrative control using fear.

Regaining the qualitative basis for thought and relationship as a basis for evaluating - allows a living discernment to the needs of the situation as a whole. 

That this cannot be codified as instructions or rules, is the essence of what Life is - and therefore who we are - beneath all the rules that seem to make us safe but also rule out a presence of mind to an algorithm.

Living from love of life is not the same as living from a clinging onto fear of pain and loss.

Nor is it a passive or active expression of hate or victimhood. 

Science has focussed empirically outside on phenomena, but our inner terrain is also part of our interpreting of significance and meaning, and must be watched or observed as part of the whole.

Conflicting terms and conditions are 'power struggle' and 'blame game'.

But what if Life is already an inbuilt receptor to the guidance and support of the whole terrain and not its victim? Is there another way of seeing, than through our acquired conditioning?


One cannot answer a question that is not being asked.

So the need is to be with people in a way that leaves open the possibility of such a willingness to arise. If I am preset with judgements, I am already 'coming on' to them as something to be changed, and this will register and non-acceptance and threat of judgements that undermine the current defence-reaction which is running as if no other choice is possible.

Insofar as people make such choice under duress to set a defence-habit, they can be guided to recognise that it is a choice, and can therefore be brought into some sense of re-evaluation in terms of cost and benefit.

In simple terms to seek and find a common point of agreement or relationship, opens the potential through which 'life can happen'. Relationship can happen, communication can happen.

Not setting the terms and conditions allows an on the spot fluidity to share something alive, and the other side of this is the willingness of the one who currently has more free awareness to meet and pass through the judgements that are our own 'defences'.

There is a process running through this but it resolves from a different basis than All the king’s horses and all the king’s men, or the attempt to externalise a private reality that must then fragment to conflict, fear and power struggle - along with attempt to hide or mask over the symptoms in 'solutions!'.

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