Saturday, 28 November 2020

The key is the discernment of order WITHIN chaos!

Are you not meeting your own narrative mythological masking judgements?

As long as you worship the mask you will deny or forsake your essential humanity.

Yes - other people are 'strange' to you as you to them - but are you a stranger to your Self?

Intelligence uses pattern recognition. The original association of fixed meanings in specific appearances, makes a mind-conditioniing of image and form, that becomes relationally blind because it 'sees' the past, and can react to what it thinks is happening in ways destructive to its own living participance or being.

So the breaking of fixation in a masking Model of reality to the capacity to presently discern and discriminate, is potentially un unfolding of a greater or more inclusive consciousness or focussing of intelligence through you.

I may seem even stranger to you than your alarming bedfellows!

But the key I see is discernment within life - instead of the persistence of a dissociated 'intelligence' set AS IF apart and over life - though there are of course times and places where modelling of potentials is a tool that can save time. But as with taking appearances at face value, we can also be 'phished' into an 'identity theft' under which we set the usurper as the mind in which we think that we are thinking!

I don't find the labels 'stick' anymore.

What is left of the Left?

Where is the right in the Right?

Progressive disease?

Conservation of control?

Yin and Yang are the balanced interplay of polarity as the whole.

A usurping 'mind' thinks to enforce 'order' and engenders chaos.

Once identified in war of  'control set over chaos', how can it ever be escaped, released or actually 'won'?

The key is the discernment of order WITHIN chaos!

But this calls for allowing the true feedback to be brought to awareness, and open to question.

And this experience is disturbing, and for some potentially psychotic.

That 'unconscious material' rises to be released, undone, reconciled or healed, is a 'detoxification' if recognised - however dimly - as such.

If we set our mask against the movement of our being, so as to limit and deny its expression, we may buy 'time' for the mask' under ever more denial repackaged as 'normal'.

Intelligence is indicated in a process of transformative learning that incorporates experience of change and challenge to express from a more integrative and balanced basis. But ingenuity can be set to deny such intelligence under defence of the model, against empirical experience.

How far into madness can you bear?

Do you really need to find out?


Jeremy May

I listened right through and it’s the first time I’ve seen a genuine anger in you, at least briefly. You come across as a naturally jovial guy, but frankly I’m not surprised at you letting off a bit of steam.

I’ve listened to plenty of Ivor’s stuff too and respect his research and message. I share both your frustrations. Why oh why can people not understand the danger we’re in?

Ivor had tears starting to rise in response.

As I commented on youtube, a feeling awareness is not weakness or negative but true witness.

We know the difference between manipulative emotion and self transparency.

"Who told you you were naked?" also applies to 'where did you learn to be ashamed of letting feeling move you?

The attempt to weaponise communication as leverage for possession and control is the loss of it.

We are doing the same with our rational communication, as a result of subordinating it to 'narrative control'. Heart and mind work together as one. But a dissociated and denied sense of each seems to define and deny the other. There are those afraid to think, and others afraid to feel. Perhaps we need to focus on the deeper opportunity rather than try to get through defences that are clearly willing to not hear, nor see, nor listen to what is currently beyond their readiness or willingness to accept?


Perhaps there is no true call to control a virus, of any need or attempt  to do so.

But once taking on the role of doing so, how does anyone release the truth that they not only cannot - but never really did? (Not least in view of illegitimate gains and criminal consequence).

It's a self-reinforcing trap.

If public support for the role is active, that can be used it as an energy or food supply. But only to be driven by the role of 'control' masking as power, set against exposure.

The thing about a story; as narrative or mythic picturing out, is whether the game is worth the candle, for as it is given support, it runs the mind of its supporters. Counter stories may seem an answer, but persist and mutate the same theme under a mask of being 'right' - because it opposes and replaces the 'wrong'. 

That the mind is afraid of perceived meaninglessness and rushes to fill in its own version, is what sets it in competition with Reality. Apart from the absurdity as a premise, this is as painful a burden as can be imagined, and no one wants to carry the can. And so the redistribution of diverted and externalised blame sets a narrative of evasion as cover story. Denying life rather than losing 'face'. 

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