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Anna Brees on media coverage of Trafalgar Square Protest

Anna Brees on media coverage of Trafalgar Square Protest


How strange that you identified as not a protestor but a disturbed parent giving witness to deep concerns that include being denied representation!

The 'protest' aspect is a label to the seeking of a Voice. It can be lost to anger and a multitude of fears, but the speakers do not speak for us - but from their own current perspective as a willingness to give voice. In many things they may find resonance in many of the people - but the core of the movement is to unite in freedom, not in fear and anger. I attended and accept that the desire for freedom can become subverted to polarised identity.

There is much I could offer constructive critical perspective upon, but I went there because it is part of living with myself - and a willingness to join in freedom from fear as a movement of alignment in life and the living. So much is lost to reaction - and so easily triggered that we hardly need a manipulative agenda to set us in polarised futility. But those invested in manipulative agenda need darkness in which to operate, and so is adept or ingenious in devices of denial and diversion.

In speaking for the children be vigilant against projecting your word and your fears to their capacity to read and adapt. Your centred presence - such as you can honestly allow amidst the ordinary mess of human involvement is the most supportive gift you can extend. That we teach our fear without even knowing it is part of our own journey of recognition and not a source for even more blaming.



The lizard thing as you call it is to be looked upon as a frequency which can & does inhabit human form.... One can channel this frequency as many do.... So it's not something to write him off over....

@jjjeanjeane Yes, research the reptilian or primitive brain. It isn't evil - but has none of the later human development of emotional, social and higher integrative consciousness. Chilton Pearce - the Biology of Transcendence gives a useful view of the unfolding of brain development within a spiritual understanding - at one with biological function.

Fear is an aspect of amygdala capture, but action from total conviction can represent a self-will that overrides others, or aligned will that honours others. Power in the world has aligned in 'self-will' of fear and control. Aligned will is unified will and Jesus exemplified this - but fear simply cannot BUT misinterpret so as to devalue the forms of virtue by masking in them, as if to use 'love' to control fear.

Not only is that not love, but a dilution of the currency of true witness, and the agency of a righteous hate that cannot see its own error - because it sets itself against evil so as to claim the moral right.

When Jesus (in translation) is saying resist ye not evil, he is warning against being framed by reaction to the same 'frequency' of thought. But he showed that resisting temptation to judge - allowed  the Father's Will to come forth as the willingness of the situation when given to love's honesty. Total conviction is the gift of our being - but a conflicted mind is a decision not yet made. By giving willingness to be shown truth, we grow willingness to receive and share in it. Contrast the mind that is already certain and reinforced by fear in its drive to prevail. Or the mind that is uncertain and afraid to face or own the truth if doing so leaves it unmasked against its fears.

The human form is considered an organism by science - and up to a point that is ok - excepting we are totally connected with the Living Universe of which we are an integral expression, and not a locked-down masked off closed system of control - that thus depletes, and degrades to death. The human experience is through the physical and not locked INTO things with built in meanings.

But if you see that our development of consciousness was associated with great fear and indeed separation trauma - then you can see we have learned a mind and world of fear that we do not know how to UN-see.

It takes a miracle to see love's reality in place of the dictate of fear. But then you are a miracle - so this is not unnatural - regardless any 'normal' that has been established by conditioning.




jjjeanjeane try waking up the masses with that message though...

? @PistonSlap  You don't wake up others, but accept love by the willingness to extend it. It moves wither it will according to the law of love and not our anxieties, dramas and devices. But if you can see that the loss of love is to the fear we are alone, isolated, unsupported and in need of external or masking substitutes, then you can see that waking from isolation is by definition a shared experience. So while no one can 'wake up for you without your willing cooperation, it is also true that no one wakes to love's recognition alone. Love is the act of self-extention and recognition of worth wholly accepted. A broken love is a break in the receiving and giving of truth. If truth is beyond our power to change - then we are talking about some form of self-illusion running in our Mind - as a conflict given protection and support. Why do we choose to persist the human experience of love in a loveless world? Because we desire experience and are in its unfolding as a gift to ourself that includes an element of deep Forgetting and indeed deep pain and loss. The pain and loss sets a mind that seeks external resolution to inner conflict. This reiterates the core archetypes of separation as  salvation, that require ritual lockstep in sacrifice as the protection against reliving trauma. Until there is no where else to 'go' to escape the original unfaced REACTIONS to old trauma that cannot be recognised and released while the REACTIONS are invested in as protective identity. An honest costing of our reactions to any kind of believed fear or threat then allow a new mind to arise. But to the old identity this is seen as 'delivering unto enemies', for it has in itself no capacity to know or recognise it delivers us to the very fear its seeks to hide. It knows not what it does - and this is now more understandable as a cognitive dissonance - which by the way it will learn to accuse in others and demonise.

Extending love's honesty is where being yourself - no more and no less meets others and invites response at the level it is given - with no strings attached or it is a bargain or contract for getting something. It should be obvious that we cannot 'do' this so much as align the conditions in which life can move us of itself - and through the situation as a whole - which it is. Whole.

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