Thursday, 21 December 2017

Thinking the Unthinkable

Shadow Economy, Democracy and the Manipulation of Public Opinion
by Denis Churilov

Comment and reflection on the above article and its theme:

The 'overton' window is a framing on suppression/indulgence.
(Many) babies don't have to 'think' to eat shit - until the social suppressive YUK! is inducted to become 'thinking' at association or conditioning level.
In terms of capacity to experience, we can embrace anything - that is to say there is not a rule in awareness that makes something unthinkable - but in consciousness that is the the flowing or natural unfolding experiencing of thought, feeling and sense, THROUGH rules of a hierarchy of levels. Some 'rules' are assigned to nature and some to nurture - but in this topic I felt awareness of the sense of induced scarcity or suppression of the freedom and scope of consciousness and subsequent shifting as a result of carrot and stick inducements. That is of the divided or conflicted and over-ruled sense of a consciousness that runs a narrative identity or surface awareness within a ruled or defined capacity to persist conflict as a mitigated, and 'controllable' life-experience.

In many ways our sense of manipulative controlling of life is the blind spot to the nature of our own 'ruled' or scripted thinking. And the nature of wishing to be the gatekeeper or insider to change is to align with the change so as to use it to private advantage rather than as the recognition of the movement of being - that is in a sense an 'energy reading' of the current qualities of being - AND their relational filtering in suppression or expression.

Because that what is always 'going on' - the qualities of being, as 'interpreted' through the filters or definitions of 'self'.

Being - or Existence - is a quality that cannot be defined. It singular quality is equally present or pervasive in All That Is - but our experiencing of our being is through differentiations of qualities given focus. If you stopped thinking to consider and know existence at the beginning of this paragraph, you will have felt something of the primary qualities of being - that you are.

The unthinkable, is no thought at all, but what we react to as unthinkable is the thought of denial. That which denies who we 'think' or 'rule' our self to be, is likewise denied. There is an equal and opposite reaction within which one can seem to be the power and the doer - or the subject or victim in regard to limiting and limited, judging and judged, validating and invalidated.

The interior 'consciousness' of power that begets powerlessness, that flips and shifts and changes because the rules are only as 'powerful' as they are given acceptance and acted upon as true, drives patterns of personal, cultural and social development, where an identity investment grows at expense of its true context and effectively undermines its own seeming 'existence' - because existence never enters into agreement or attacks the 'rules' of personal or social separations, hierarchies, or models of reality, and the quality of existence is to know itself in all that it is. But a ruled out or compartmentalised sense of self, knows itself by what it is not - through the invalidating idea of denial, non-existence or death.

This is not addressing how we as a society, assign, deny or distort values, to serve a denied or distorted sense of our own existence - that is out of conscious alignment with Felt Existence. But that we cannot change what mind or consciousness or indeed awareness, truly Is. The belief that we can and have, is the unthinkable idea, taken in and lived out from as if ITS result is our own private thinking mind. But the nature of denial is to protect this 'thinking' at expense of our true awareness. This shifting, evasive and convoluted 'mind' can be called running away from our Self - and yet it never has but run away with the wish and belief - of an identity theft. But where you choose to look to find yourself is up to you - regardless of the 'rules' that hold some sense of order within chaotic reactivity. The movement of being is not our slave or exploitable resource by which to gratify an addictive and fearful sense of lack. Nor is it vengeful to error.
When all around are 'losing their heads', keep your own as the presence of heart and mind as one. It is not in itself difficult to be and alight in who you are, but it is extremely difficult to maintain the structures of self-protection as who you are not.

The attempt to overcome the difficult, makes fear the master - under the belief this must be done. But to share in the experience of the easy, is to grow the trust and the courage to move through the difficult and see with new vision. The easy may seem the repugnant, insulting and unthinkable to the investment in managing the difficult. It may seem like we have to eat or process our own shit - instead of outsourcing it to others and a world that we can feel somewhat righteous at calling 'shit' and therefore withholding our recognition and appreciation of its true being.

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