Thursday, 23 November 2017

Lost heart communication

I have read and lived enough to accept that the heart is not the 'pump' it is believed to be, and that that the whole cardiovascular system (no less than any of the body) is literally alive - or enlivened. I also read that there are very thin walls in areas that are presumed to carry huge pressure loads...

I feel that assigning 'evolution' as 'THE truth' is no less prone to the ills blamed on its predecessor - (or worse - for at least a god might change His or Her Mind) - whereas a reverse engineered narrative control - can't be questioned or challenged - 'post truth' is the assertion there is none but the operation of power gained by another's loss or denial.

"Settled Scientific Consensual Edicts and Regulations Save Us from mad heretical dangerous threats and evil terrors" - (truly felt and shared appreciation and participation in living). But the idea of lawful or congruent unfoldment of (any accepted) idea is Logic - and even if presumptions are insane - their logical outcomes proceed unless the predicate is changed. A mindset is a choice-pattern or fixation of 'minding' that seems to be a possession (or possessor?). At least in its time it does.

The idea we humans are out of communication or dissonant and destructive to our own nature, is the development of a 'second nature' that 'killed its predecessor' - as the persistent and defended focus of an overriding assertion of subjective development of need driven learning ability.

The basis of this does not bear close scrutiny - and so the mind looking out simply will not look within - indeed a masking persona is our means by which not to. How else to entrance the human experience? - Which is far more than our animal capacity - as the parent of any developmentally handicapped child knows. The human 'world' is a 'meaning-model' that is held and maintained within consciousness and embodied in cultural, personal and biological expression. But as I indicated, the meanings we accept true logically determine our resulting experience even if magical or wishful thinking - and so we are both teaching idea and learning it - either in a mouth to ear loop of conditioned reaction of with some spark of conscious discernment as to the legitimacy and veracity  - and coherence - of our reality experience.

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