Friday, 1 September 2017

How does the 'Deep State' tie down Trump?

How does the 'Deep State' tie down Trump?

In comment to above themes:

One might posit likewise to oneself - 'how free am I to effect desired change in my own life?'
You may seem to be perfectly free in some short term respects - but you will meet the patterns of belief and reaction (conditioning) that are structuring your consciousness and if you attempt to force against or override this - then you will meet opposition and limitation as powerlessness and diversion into supporting what you say you don't
want - as part of your own sense of cutting a deal to survive or save face.

The focus upon the perceived wrong in 'others' - backed by the psychic-emotional charge of frustrated and denied desire - achieves enough hope of achieving desired change -or preventing feared change - to win allegiance.

A deep state of conditioned identity operates fear of and resistance to change - excepting to ratchet up the illusion of control over a diminishing consciousness culminating in death/reset. The true will to live is not the fear of loss but the desire in a love of life to flower, grow and share in the fruit. Possession operates fear of loss. Those who presume to possess power are themselves possessed. Possessed of the 'spirit' of the fear of loss that works counter to anything that is perceived to threaten or expose their 'power' - which must attract allegiance rather than inner revulsion or determined dis-association in order to use your mind and abilities against your good. Hate and fear are always together - so to hate the evil is also to feed it fear - which is its 'backdoor' through you. To release the false one has to open it in a direct awareness - which paradoxically is our fear OF possession or of being taken over or overwhelmed.

Trump exhibits the classic personality of the useful idiot who believes in their own strengths or abilities rather than aligns their strengths AND weaknesses in a purpose greater than themselves.
The idea that globalism has been in any way derailed is naive at best. But rather than subscribe to a domination narrative, I suggest Global Consciousness is here - and that our 'narrative personality structuring' is necessarily reconfiguring. It is the illusion of control to construct, assert and defend a narrative 'reality' that supports and reinforces our identity IN the idea of such control. But anyone free of such illusion can see that what we call control calls forth what control defines as chaos (the need for control).

We don't need 'walls' so much as genuine communication - but to the insane - there IS no genuine communication but only deceit and treachery. For what we do (even in secret or unconsciously) is the measure of what we expect and meet. If your 'smile' has strings attached it is a manipulative ploy. The madness of our mind/world is the Call to Sanity - which is a different foundation than a mind at war with itself. Insane thinking cannot run in a true sense of worth - but cannot be checked in self-agrandizement.

The 'deep state' runs on and as denied fears. Beneath whatever personae shift and change above. But peace is a deeper state of recognition and acceptance of unified will and purpose and is not 'of this mind/world'. True witness is not an attempt to change the world - but more the willingness to release it from lies. Change comes of itself.

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