Wednesday, 6 September 2017

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#1 (Prostate documentary)

You have to work within your current belief system – for better or for worse. This is not to say that ‘belief’ can be turned on and used to ‘cure’. But that the nature of belief in sickness and in this case, cancer, is in many respects a kind of nocebo or fear-fulfilling prophecy.. Also your investment in surgery, followed by radiation and hormone therapy is YOUR desire to be free of this disease and I wholly support your desire but do not necessarily share the same choices or indeed the same basis of information from which such choices are made.
BUT your choice may be entirely the best choice you could have made in the circumstance and yet the perspectives that frame choices ARE the circumstance – so expanding perspectives is not necessarily undermining the only ‘choice’ that seems required or available to the un-questioned perspective. Also – it is not only an either/OR – because much of the information regarding diet, and lifestyle choices can compliment, support or mitigate the toxic and potentially cancer “spreading” effects of surgery and radiation.

If you were made aware of ‘micro-cancers’ coming and going as a matter of course in many areas of the body – would you still accord the same desperate measures to intervention?
Very many die from the treatments to disease that would not normally kill them. Iatrogenic sickness and death is one of the top causes of both. Informed choice is not a prescription.
May your life be richly fulfilling – whatever paths it takes as a result of choices you make and ideas you accept and believe by acting from them as true for you.

#2 (Diet pills)

Those who seek 'magic' answer evade their Good by aligning in their own self-deceit. The collective deceit operates through the structures that embody and articulate or exemplify its precepts.
Live your choice and through that - witness to those who know not what they do - that there IS real choice - in which the 'mind' of a false framing is recognized and released.

The desire to live the 'ego's (sic) freedom' is that of personal gratification without consequence - or the delaying of consequence as long as possible - then bringing in death itself as escape of reward from inevitable defeat that such framed and managed existence guarantees.

#3 UK healthy eating (disinfo) guidelines

What if 'failure' is by design - where the negative result operates the vector for ongoing 'power' of a corporate control wedded to a consensual abnegation of awakened responsibility?
The appeal to reason assumes we live in the same moral universe - but in the emerging system moral choice has no basis for existence.
Coercion and manipulation through the usurpation of moral sense is the carrot and stick of a determinism that technocrats and lawmakers impose as a means to escape a true account - and thus deny a true choosing.

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