Sunday, 7 August 2016

Corporate cartels and captured regulators

This comment I wrote in response to a conversation about corporations:

Cartels of powerful lobbies capture the regulatory system so as to protect their effective monopoly of supply, influence and control - and private central banks becoming the statutory provision and control of the money supply for what otherwise may have been a sovereign nation - are part of this problem.

As well as the above, is the lack of any real responsibility to host nations, environment or population. The outsourcing of pain and toxicity in return for insignificant fines. The race to the bottom in nations offering tax havens and sweeteners to attract corporate investment by which assets and real wealth is stripped out  in return for gov taxation on the workers whose trickle down is whittled down to subsistence levels.

The emergence of so called 'Trade deals' such as TPP or TPIP illustrates the 'coming out' of Corporate technocracy from the revolving door of puppet-show governance to reveal an elitists club running their rules with no other voice being able to effect more than token challenge - excepting of course the money-controllers and their puppet mastery of information and narrative control - along with weaponry of all levels of effect.

The law regarding corporations needs re-aligning to serve the whole, and yet without a shift in individuals to realign their own template of self definition and belief to serve the whole such a change in the law either cannot happen or would be subverted to merely superficial change of no real consequence.

Ideas to which we are not awake, determine our world-experience yet remain hidden while we become entangled in their effects.

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