Tuesday, 14 June 2016

"Science and newspapers don't mix"

Ignore the low-carb cult: eating lots of fat won’t really make you slim

"Science and newspapers don't mix".

Quite right - the lay media are not qualified to operate journalism regarding science - so they are replaced by lackeys who insert the press release as provided by a cartel of elitists that protects the lay public from the 'complexities' of science.

Trolling disinfo has a dirty feel as it blatantly lies to undermine the designated 'threat' to the control of the narrative. What this then reveals is just how much 'control of the narrative' goes on - and the institutions that are used as a cover for such dis-info.

The 'model' is deemed "Too Big To Fail" and therefore everything and everyone is sacrificial or collateral damage in the crusade to protect the model. And so peddling dis-info is really protecting us from truths that are too dangerous to know - or at least to the belief that control of society is the task of elitists working deceits.

But lest I seem smugly self righteous - I see how this pattern operates within our individual consciousness and is thus inevitably reflected in our thoughts, relationships and communication.

An integrative and cooperative relationship within Life is not one that invalidates others in order to seem better or more true. And the undoing of such false science is not an attack on science - but a correction in which communication is OPENED. Controlling the narrative is not science - but political deceit.

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