Tuesday, 15 March 2016

New Age Business

In general response to: A comment on this page.

Its a strange thing to note but that a lot of 'new age' thinking found receptivity in business. But just as with every other potential tool for reintegration and alignment of purpose, it is subverted, diluted and corrupted to forms that persist a negative or segregative 'disconnect' agenda.

Terms and symbols can be used very differently. Context is needed to locate them in a felt sense of communication.

All experience is valid as an experience that can be had - but if it is not truly representative of what you say you desire then there is something out of true in the template.

Those who think to reprogram reality do so in the self-same illusion of identity in form. They think to use the power of illusion but are used by the illusion of power.

The the Consciousness is transformable in an instant of shifted perspective is the gift of true acceptance to free embodiment. The interjecting 'mind' of possession and control would claim this as its own and make a self on the sense of such power. But it is a sham and its power is the reaction to a sense of power-less-ness that the gift of Life seems to be when perceived through the lens of such manipulative and possessive intent.

There's a Leonard Cohen songline that goes; "you lose your grip, and then you slip... into the masterpiece".

Its a whole different Perspective and from there, everything finds or flows in right relation - that is you know how to be, to say or not and what you need is here in the instant it is needed. That does not make sense in a world of controlled scarcity - yet most people have experienced this quality of being. And then we 'lose it' by resuming a framework of thought and identity that SEEMS to interrupt or block or limit - and we react to that sense of loss or deprivation and set it more strongly as an actual experience of losing power.

I generally use 'negative' in a mechanical sense for dis-integrity and segregative focus and intent that generates a sense of self in struggle and sense of disconnection. 'Positive' being the movement of reintegrating or restoring alignment with underlying integrity of being.

As you say, 'positive' is often a mask for concealed or unrecognized negative intent - and this is evidenced by the feeling of being manipulated rather than related to in an equality of straight or genuine communication.
There is no limit to the mind's capacity to mimic Life.

But there is a limit to our giving it that employ on our behalf - and that limit is - on one level or another... pain. Release from pain is a genuine NEED.
Masking that need with attempts to protect self-concept is a delay device. Fear is running that script. There is a relational balancing act in shifting from blindly enacting fear-directives to 'coming out' in commitment to a more aligned perspective.

Without the relational feeling quality - mental 'understandings' operate the same blind imprinting and believe it is wholly justified.
But the relational feeling qualities of our being are automatically and actively denied acceptance, conformed, or invalidated.

And so a substitute mentally imposed manipulation of 'reality' is protected against the perceived chaos and treachery of something uncontrollable - and seeking to rob us of power.

Locked into false or incomplete self-definitions that are defended against correction, healing, joy and freedom from pervasive wearing, taxing pain.

But one can only revise a faulty choice by recognizing it in its movement. It cannot be corrected when it is not active. The mind in rehearsal can gain an immense store of 'understanding' but if allowed to suffer a real relationship it all falls apart - or imposes its power by using its capacity to get others to fall apart and conform to their thinking.

Yes, the parallel realities idea... is a profound expansion of the concept of the One Physical World running as a discrete linear aggregate entity in which secret thinking can hide within an 'unconsciousness'. A multi-dimensional perspective experienced through the lens of an self-exclusivity or 'elitism' that seems powerful within framing of scarcity - believed and reacted to as true.

If we are attracted to and attracting such a world-experience, rather than subject to be its victim, then it is possible to be curious as to what we must be believing and intending to generate it, but have 'hidden' from conscious awareness.

I find an inner world of unseen influence but in bringing it to light, automatically move to embrace that which truly resonates with me and drop that which doesnt. This is a conscious discernment in place of an autopilot that runs on a database of imprinted conditioning that tends to form based meanings. But as we all know, appearances can be deceptive.

I enjoy reading you and sharing the theme - which goest wither it will. There are resonance recognitions with the outer reflection of 'control'. freedom, reactive triggering of manipulative intent - that reflect our human conditioning. The idea of freeing ourself in order to serve a greater freedom is not new - but it is easily subverted into ego-politics - when its foundation is a true appreciation of worth - extended and received.

Garbage in/garbage out say the geeks. If the generated output is faulty or dysfunctional - look to the code that templates and defines the parameters awry.

Struggling or warring with symptoms only strengthens the identity in effect ... in rigidly set defined forms, and distracts ever more 'effect'ively from true cause - which becomes the primary defensive reaction of such identification that rushes to control, limit, shut down, or deny anything that moves from Life directly.

We have to learn to Read the symptoms from a new perspective - which means noticing and dropping the old point of reactive defence.

I enjoy growing a willingness to articulate this in 'linear longhand' but the actuality of recognition and shifting is within an instant - and yet the Living INFORMATION of that instant is inexhaustible - and within which - what is most personally and practically relevant freely rises as our awareness of a unique but not elitist expression of desire, focus, appreciation, and gratitude.

Why is this not the natural conscious fulfilment of our day? Because a way of forgetting has been so deeply learned that it seems to run all by itself and we identify it as reality - and suffer it cruelly.

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