Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Information, disinformation and discernment

Psyops, a false mind of 'control'

MSM pushes old crackpot theory to make readers of alternative media seem crazy

Information, disinformation and discernment

It is not that mind control is new because the term 'mind' in the sense we often use it - is the attempt (indeed a tempt) to control the narrative or assert a story by which to justify or validate ITS persistence as the guide or indeed dictator of one's life.

Astroturfing is a term to denote planting out false 'grass roots' articles and sites and commentary that all conspire or work together to effect the establishing of a public narrative by which any other view - or challenge to that narrative seems dissonant and attracts ridicule, suppression and active denial.

Another aspect is to bait anyone who has a capacity to see, and think, honestly, into conflict in which personal investments and outcomes trigger reactions by which they can then easily be attacked, shamed or invalidated.

Whatever information presents itself from wherever, the key is an inner discernment from an integrity of being - and the presence of mind - or should I say the free functioning capacity of mind, by which to pick up false associations, insinuations and baiting.

One does not have to have or voice an opinion on something that has no relevance to one's peace (unconflictedness of being).
There are many perspectives that have their own 'local' point of view - and there is no call (and every loss) in resorting to blame, ridicule and denial.

The mindcontrol is already running as our own thinking - unless we pause and desist - and truly listen or discern what truly resonates and is relevant to who we feel and know ourself to be - rather than who we have fooled ourself (in a world of fools) into believing we are.

Being able to witness for truth is not attacking lie or liars so much as illuminating and reflecting what is seen or known, for what it is or is not.

The attempt to use the internet for purposes of control would have been in its beginnings and funding because that is  - if you  will - our own hidden human agenda. But it is not our true fulfilment  and actually operates contra to our true fulfilment.

No one likes being controlled (though many like to use the cover of 'orders' to act out of true without feeling responsible for what in fact THEY are choosing) - and so reaction sets of a polarity of conflict that works at both ends to deny the heart. To deny the feeling of balance and connection within the whole that recognizes itself in the path or prompting of an inner guidance.

Keeping this channel of communication open, may operate on current wisdom - but without closing down into rigid and defended conclusions that then operate as a 'mind' unto itself.

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