Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Health is uncovered - not imposed.

An article on the excellent Green Med Info site inviting a larger approach to health than expecting superfoods to magically answer something that actually requires a more integrated approach.

A myth is a story that can reflect or encapsulate a truth. But mere wishful thinking can appeal to magic to 'solve the problem' without addressing its cause - and this can operate through ANY kind of modality. In fact most health-seeking tends to be in search of answers that avoid the intimacy and honesty of a transformative recognition of the causes of dis-ease.

Health is inner radiance and not something that can be added to a dis-eased or split off mentality.
To the desire to live out of true and 'get away with it' or to offset , delay and redistribute the costs - every kind of process may be hijacked so as to persist the addiction - which is socially invisible because it is so ubiquitous.
A willingness to come back into true is actually a stirring from within of desire to live and share life - to know and be known rather than invest in a mask and die in isolation while still apparently alive.
Uncovering health inevitably tends to be a matter of noticing and desisting from what undermines or is toxic to health, while reclaiming the curiosity and imagination to connect with and educate oneself as to what is health promoting. But if this is joyless - then it is persisting a joyless agenda - which is part of the squelching of health. So there are many levels of individual and interlocking pathways of reintegration; the key being to truly live our life and thus discern for ourselves what, when, who, and not get locked into something that masquerades as health-seeking but actually persists a fearful sense of self behind an appearance.

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