Thursday, 15 January 2015

The mind of the gun

Liam Neeson: guns, not movies, to blame for increased levels of violence
In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attack, the Taken star has advocated tighter gun control in the US and dismissed any link between violent movies and real-world events 

When gun or any other instrument of force is used INSTEAD of communication - as if it WAS communication, it serves to embody the idea of independent authority determining and enforcing its 'truth' upon another.
The mythology of the independent defiance of an illegitimately imposed authority is embedded in our story template and played out in almost every kind of defensive and offensive strategy. But in playing such a character, we select only the witnesses or evidences to our aggrieved self-justifications to then project onto others who then reflect our own shadow unrecognised.
As you believe and define yourself to be, so will you believe and experience others to be.
Revenge is the fantasy of one who hates the limitation they WANT to blame on others, and power then operates the addiction of feeding grievance to get the high.
It is not enough to impose laws or manipulate opinions and perceptions to change society coercively. It does not work without holding some kind of gun to the head of the population - albeit of State monopoly or of mob vilification.

If a gun is used to say NO to the imposition of or undermining of a lack of integrity, it is of the order of LAST resort - when all other available ways of addressing the situation have been tried.

"Ye have not because ye ask not". The first asking is within. All honesty of communication begins within. The idea one can be a character operating alone is a 'rogue idea, or an insane idea running rogue. 

ANY instrument, tool or artefact will embody the culture of its use - technology is only neutral at template level. As soon as it is embodied or made manifest it is embodiment of purpose.

Fantasy and reality become a confusion of identity in which self-image replaces an honest willingness of communication - and 'characters' battle it out in endless competition and call it 'Life'.

I have no doubt but that movie culture embeds suggestions and self-definitions into the subconscious, just as ads do. The soil that we each offer is part of whether and what kind of seeds 'take'. Worshipping the gun of vengeance or retribution; worshipping 'power-over' as if that were the true power of Life; is an assertion of victimhood and powerlessness seeking to get power from others by denying them in place of feeling denied.
What you give out is what you get back. Sooner or later the way of war lays waste and exhausts us and the willingness to find a better way opens a communication within. Until then, no one is listening because they only 'hear' the vocabulary of war in anything anyone says.
Fear is contagious but faith in Life comes from within. No one can choose FOR another, but in choosing to live and communicate in faith of Life, we become the conditions in which others can recognize they HAVE a choice. Fear conditioning reacts blindly and knows not what it does while believing it operates self-protection.
The word blame is an invalidator of our true responsibility. I don't regard it as legitimate currency. Consciousness reflects itself. You ARE responsible for the choices you are making because no one else is making them. But you do not live in a vacuum or isolation and the company and culture of ideas you keep is also a choice. Bringing up the young as conditioned robots is also a choice and what we choose to accept in order to survive until we have more clarity is also a choice. Coercion and manipulation is a denial of choice that is also chosen and can be left unchosen.

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