Monday, 13 October 2014

Is it Abbot time for Putin the record straight?

Absurdity in 'newsfeeds' plays a baiting game to titillate and provoke, yet within the 'game' are geopolitical strategies affecting billions in negative ways with the potential for global wars and the reshaping of human consciousness on Our Planet.
Tony Abbott says he will ‘shirtfront’ Vladimir Putin over downing of MH17

My first comment was imply that a stuffed shirt says whatever it is told to say.

and then I follow through with this:

But who or what (set of believed thinking) dictates the basis of  such frameworks of reference as then invite the sport of war, its baiting of outrage, its thus captive audience fuelling the gladiatorial stand-offs, and the suppliers of war-machinery and protection rackets, reconstruction contracts and mercenary or coercively imposed security?

There is  a deceiver in every mind that prefers its own storymaking to the living relationship by which it HAS capacity to make stories.

Don't let truth get in the way of a good story, as the saying goes, but when one invests one's identity in story, truth is the first casualty and war; the 'mind' that then distorts, filters and redefines or reinterprets Everything to serve its own 'foundation'.
The truth of what Moves you is the truth Moving one called Putin and the truth Moving one called Abbot. The underlying Motive of Life is One - but our freedom to think, is our capacity to accept and believe definitions that then create the personal and cultural perspectives and stories.
There is a unified Consciousness that one can uncover as a tangible knowing by simply being true to one's self. There is a way of using the mind to create an oppositional overlay in which a segregated sense of self operates in attempt to unify and survive in being true to its story of itself.

This is very fundamental and observable in any willingness to notice ideas rather than 'live out from them' in automatic belief and reaction.
But... there is a considerable investment and momentum in the investment in the persona that 'lives out' one's presumed power.

Powermongers compete and yet cannot call out too much of the other's deceits without revealing their own. Populations are herded and managed and fed with stimuli and story to maintain their own personal version of presumed power.

But is the power got by deceit not the expression of a powerless to feel and know and act out-from one's true being?

Personae are masked actors. To recognize the true presence of anyone is to know the 'Father'. Not in the sense of knowing 'about' or mapping and controlling - but in the true Biblical sense of Intimacy Shared and Known.

Making love is perhaps a poor term for making way for that which is innate to our very existence to come forth. Creativity (not ingenuity serving loveless strategies), Culture of living idea (not mass consumer corporate monoculture).
Real relationship (not strategic exploitations of alliance or war through masks of imposture).

Make way for love or give your mind to war's botnet. It's up to You. It's always up to you. But once you give your heart to an idea of You, IT tells you who you are and what you can or cannot be or do. Loveless ideas are tyrannous. But can ANY idea tell the mind what to do?

One can believe it, but cannot make it true.
Here's to a glorious awakening to a truly shared sense of being true to ourselves and all being the richer for it!

- - -

Here's another article with Abbot opening a coal mine:
Coal is Good for Humanity..

I felt to offer a reply to one who commented:
"Gobsmacking, really. What can you honestly say to a moron like Abbott?"

You cannot communicate with someone you designate a moron - because you assert superiority and your designation renders him unworthy of being treated as a human equal.

The assertion of a preferred identity uses any and every means at its disposal to make 'reality' fit into its 'designations'.

Throw the first stone who has never tried to assert their personal will over the true will of others or the honesty of a true communication.

This much I picked up on - the term demonize. Demonizing anything - coal, climate change or Putin - is always a result of a manipulative and deceptive attempt to coerce life into a particular agenda.

Free of such agenda one finds a greater perspective and an integrative willingness to a more cooperative way of sharing Life - because however we go about it - we share Life.

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