Thursday, 17 April 2014

The power that devours its own

The head of Europe’s biggest newspaper publisher by circulation has accused Google of seeking to establish a digital “superstate” free from the constraints of antitrust regulators and privacy concerns.  ~ An article in the FT by Jeevan Vasagar

Many who owned and participated in the 'old paradigm'  power cartels are being replaced and made subservient to a new one - which itself is not immune to being coerced or taken over by the power that lets it break up the old establishment. Behind and beneath the often shadowy world of vested power interests are ways of thinking that are not really challenged because there is no real sense of an alternative to power politics. Yet our ideals have always called to qualities within humanity that are real enough but in one way or another subverted, denied and suppressed. I appreciate public discourse upon the actual power structures and dynamics at work in our world, but I feel that the call needs to be more than ideals to justify our selves with. We need uncover a true foundation. This necessarily involves waking up to that we DO do evil - but repackage and justify it like clever bankers with their toxic debts.
The pain of self-honesty brings quick remedy. One simply does not live FROM a revealed toxic participation once the pain of it is truly conscious. The persona of a negatively defined self will do anything NOT to be thus exposed - even as an addict will do anything to maintain the supply.
Common sense applies with regard to our dealings in the world, but a clear and true foundation expands that to true creative capacities. As long as we are besieged to protecting false investments, we blindly set forth in self-justified programming of which we are not aware. Consciousness responsibility uncovers our mind to our awareness instead of playing the stories that redistribute the power to withhold and deny or be thus denied. What you put out is what you get back - even though our minds are trained not to recognize this as the very Nature of Consciousness Itself. If humankind becomes subsumed by its own un-owned fear and hatred (who else seeks power over others but to take what one believes one lacks?), then an even deeper unconsciousness is being thus chosen in which so much less of what Life Is, will be consciously shared, lived and communicated. Hence the Call to awaken Consciousness beneath or upstream to the mentality of the personality structure that we use unmindful of its hidden agenda.
Thank you for your attention and thankyou FT for the opportunity to at least attempt to articulate this to the interest and willingness to listen in with me.

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