Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Why Are So Many Wealthy People Building Futuristic High Tech Security Bunkers?

Why Are So Many Wealthy People Building Futuristic High Tech Security Bunkers?

Bunker mentality is fearful. Fearful is withdrawal of presence and involvement, which invites fearful projection onto what one is no longer communicating with or part of. Which communicates as rejection, judgement and distrust to those who are excluded or rejected. Fear is a self-fulfilling prophecy. It also robs one of joy in life.

Trust has to start at home - within one's consciousness. Until the identification with external validations has failed or fallen away, the mind is driven to prevail and survive as a disconnected sense that unconsciously acts from the sense of lack or disconnect in the attempt to overcome it and become valid in its own right. The only trust in this mode is a faith in the 'evil' nature of others and the strategies to either control or seduce, defeat or ally with, in order to impose order. To such a mind, trust is a transaction. 'I love you as long as you meet my conditions'. Often with the veiled implication 'I will not reject or hurt you as long as you meet my conditions'.

The true basis of trust is of being unconditionally loved - because you exist. This is inconceivable within the mentality of a self-assertive wilfulness - that is always founded in some sense of lack; of being denied or bullied or hurt. Vengeance often underlies ambition; some sense of righting a wrong at a deeper level of one's psyche.

The transactions or rules for trust work for those who agree them within the conditions that support them. Life happens. Rules break. Some will hack into such rule-sets for their own private agenda. Nothing is what it seems. Anyone might turn into a threat at any time. Pre-emptive strikes kill the possibility of developing more than working trust within specific task-sets. Everyone becomes expendable. No wonder paranoia rises out of the bunker to call a mind into a reflection of what it has made of itself anyway.

Unconditional love is not on the bargaining table, nor the strategy rooms, has no market value and doesn't confer power. It is not an act of will but more an act of willingness. Everyone meets the world that reflects their vibrational state and the bottom line is we choose the world we live in, share and die in, regardless of conditions, by the consciousness we grow and share. The fruits of a sense of connection and communion with Life are not marketable, but offer the basis of just trade and commerce. Unless a fundamental honesty is trusted to bring forth sanity, then it is dis-honesty and insanity that are trusted, nurtured, propagated, suffered.

Fear drives the world... to distraction and destruction. So why not trust that there is a way to transform or use fear in an entirely different way than reacting from the belief its definition dictates. Look within consciousness to see what the mechanism is. The clever do this only so far as to gain leverage over others, and so they do not see anything but weapons of deception and shields of obfuscation. There's a great projection of the way fear works writ on the big screen of the world. We can learn about ourself from everything, if we are free from the spell of our own self-certainties. I enjoyed writing this. Trust the joy in life and let it lead you. Others will resonate with that integrity because they share it. Its a different basis - not a different power base.

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