Thursday, 1 April 2010

Global crisis invites Intimate response

What should we do about the increasingly serious warnings over global warming?

Chicken Licken will leads us to Foxy Loxy. Who uses fear and confusion to personal gain.
Don't lose your head, be calm instead.
We really do not understand or control life, Or indeed the planet as much as we think we do - and we do have a deep seated predisposition to guilt as an fundamental aspect of our self image or concept.

Presence of mind, a clear, compassionate and proportionate sense of current needs, a refusal to be ruled by fear no matter how it makes its presentation - these are the marks of wisdom.
Note that this issue has dominated attention as the overriding environmental issue but is not expressing a sense of love for our world and each other but a fearfully justified mandate to self righteousness amidst a sense of guilt and 'punishment'.

What I do want us to ‘do’, is awaken from the arrogance and delusions of our self-image based thinking and allow a tangible heartfelt relationship with our selves, each other and our world. Writ small our selfish delusion wastes our life of its capacity to wonder at, appreciate and share life - but writ large our selfish ignorance is systematically undermining our life support systems. The 'sin' of it is not to be scapegoated and attacked but to be recognized as a mentality that we all share. I do not advocate blame - but awakened responsibility.

We live incredibly wastefully and destructively - generally in ignorance - because we are given to serve private self interest as if it truly serves our desire and need.

I feel we are amidst most fundamental change in which we do not have an option to remain as we were.
This change is occurring at the most fundamental level and we experience it often in part as loss of control, breakdown of function and order, division and confusion on may levels.
The fear around change can be deepseated and induce regression into a seige-like posture in attempt to regain the illusion of control.
Yet the oppportunity of change is to open a fresh curiosity and willingness - not to seek private self advantage - but to be restored to a greater participation in life. To discover a basis for trust despite all the evidence that would seem to dictate otherwise.

There is no war between heart and mind - when the mind serves the heart.
When the mind thinks it can act independently it uses everything for itself and denies or becomes 'unconscious' of the heart - of the relationships of the whole. Yet the heart is always presently with you - unrecognised and usurped by a false emotional spin that tells a story you thought you needed to hear.

To take the spin of the mind for reality is to be deluded - even if billions seem to do the self same thing.
Humanity needs to check in. I'd say is being called in.
We are not and never have been, independent of life, of our planet or of each other. It is time to accept a function within life that is truly relational. The presentations we spin to ourselves and each other serve a desire to be special. This puts us at war with our truth, each other and our world and makes us alone and makes us a stranger to ouselves.

The mind that believes we must do as fear says or be damned becomes quick to damn others and it is not easy to remain at peace when others demand your guilt. But there is no peace in guilt.
There is a crisis of transformation - but it is not something we can appreciate from the perspective of a loveless mentality. Nor is a crusade a means to share in the goodness of life.

Reality is not determined by consensus - but revealed in the intimacy of being.
There are times when more  thinking is not the way forward - and there is no way back.
There are resources of our being that can be called upon - not in magical or wishful thought - but in conscious trust. - to discover the next step, to be guided in the truth that our thinking does not make.

I'll add that the thinking written here is of meanings clothed in thought. If any of the meanings resonate - then thought has been used to lead beyond thinking - to a recognition that is yours. The willingness to receive is in us all - but often blocked, because we think we already know.