Monday, 29 March 2010

Underneath the blame game

My (very slightly edited) comment to the page: Did the over-45s ruin life for the rest of us?

I find it much more enlightening to see the history of ideas in  - as it were - a collective mind. The recycling of the same old mentalities in rebranded forms is hidden by the personalisation of the blame game and the drama of a conflict of wills that that always fuels.

We (over 45s) thought we'd broken free and then we found we'd played the same old game in a new set of clothes - or else we believe our own self illusions and share the subtler chains of a more isidious imprisonment. The 'system' has thus evolved a most sophisticated capacity to assimilate and marketize and monopolize - even though it does so under the banner of free markets and democracy - and for the benefit of the very few who seek and wield power in worldly terms.

Human life IS experienced AS limitation - but there is a dimension of transcendence that is not part of the game of controlling reality. As long as we play the blame game, we put responsibility for life outside our own heart's domain and are cut off from our truth.

Whoever the status quo is upheld by - IS always resistant to change. But change is the NATURE of manifest life. Truth cannot change - and attempts to maintain self-illusion play out the same old story in any age. Cultural renewal is a result of a current alignment with truth.

Market collapse brings a period of 'adjustment'. This one is in a managed slow motion spin - where the perceptions of reality are being consciously managed as if they were reality itself. The 'me' generation wasn't entirely narcissistic and self deluded. Life does leak through in all sorts of ways - but Life is always the spirit embodied, and not the form mimicked.

Blessings on the young - for their journeys of discovery by which they wake up from accepting the version of reality that their society is addicted to - and protects accordingly. Let the dead bury the dead - attend the call of the living!

The materialism of the scientific mind does not care for even the material world - except where Life leaks through. But to objectify and market manage reality for private gain undermines our very means of support and subsistence.

Fear is the last guide we need to use if we are to act from true wisdom. As a movement for change of heart grows - then I feel it will find acceptance in all ages, one step at a time.

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