Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Shame killings and the idolisation of feminine purity


Shame killings and the idolisation of feminine purity

In the above linked article I feel a mind feeling connections between cultures that idolize the feminine in idealistic forms that then confine, exclude or deny life to women who do not fit the form.

In the comments, I feel a mind that only sees the forms in the meanings it has given them and remains passionately compartmentalized. I felt to add my own comment - and what is written below was grown from my comment.

Blame for evil act or intention must always focus on persons: me, us, you or them - and always  reinforces a sense of separted minds. But a shared mentality that is sick is not a matter of blame and punishment but of a need for healing and correction of the error in the shared mind that upholds the culture.

We always want to see the sickness or fault in OTHERS and not in our own mind. I don't  say blame - I say ignorant wrong-thinking. Self righteousness is a defence for displacing BLAME - and concerns itself with only the truth of a selected part of a larger picture - for private benefit. We can of course turn this upon our own self - but always by a process of self judgement that confirms guilt and then applies exclusion and punishment upon oneself. 

Shame killings should NOT be reported as honour killings, or even as ‘honour’ killings. Shame is a destructive sense of sin - believed to be real and experienced as real by those who are unaware of the innate sense of sanctity and worth that is of our 'original nature' rather than of any humanly acquired self image.

Human thinking has always been liable to both create and serve loveless ends in the name of its own brand of 'love'. We cant have it both ways. Illusions of love bring the cost of ignorance of love. In such ignorance our minds are deceived whereby we feed the very fears that enslave us and make them self-fulfilling.

To undo the investment we have placed in the mind of sin is both simple and yet profoundly difficult. It is simple in that it calls not for further human ingenuity or effort - but only for a present faith in a greater Presence of Life than our current belief allows. This can only come as a willingness to reevaluate the basis of one’s own current experience.

For much of our activity of thought and intent has a hidden intent to be protected from the feeling and thought that is a sense of hate or shame. Discovering this allows an  honesty to enter - even if we cannot abide it at first. This honesty may be as a small still voice amidst a storm. But it is not deception, and as you learn to trust and abide in its light, the fruits of trust and discernment will undo and replace the fruits of estrangement and self judgement.

The only honour we can truly have is that which we give the truth that we are willing to recognize in each other and in our world. This can not be  taken from anymind that remains willing to give it. But is already lost sight of by anymind that seeks to have it for itself.
Likewise the only teaching worthy of allegiance are those which serve awakening of such truth as brings life more abundant - and truly shared.

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